Z pasji do wody i tradycji
Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, Żuraw Gdański
Long Embankment 1910

Maritime Culture Centre

Maritime Culture Centre – The buildings of the Maritime Culture Centre are completely modern, which can be seen at a glance on the glazed facade. However, despite this, they strongly relate to the traditional architecture of this part of the old town. A boiler room was first built here in the place after the old granaries, ruined during the war and which were later rebuilt into the offices of the National Municipal Museum. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Museum decided to demolish the converted post-war buildings and to build a modern Maritime Culture Centre in this place. Thousands of items relating to the city’s daily life were found during the archaeological work that preceded the construction of the centre. The centre is a modern museum that pursues educational goals. You can visit the exhibition of boats from various corners of the world, as well as actively learn to maneuver remotely controlled ships sailing in a huge water pool or learn about the secrets of working in the port.

Maritime Culture Centre
Gdansk Crane 1687
Ośrodek Kultury Morskiej, Żuraw Gdański
Maritime Culture Center

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