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Sunset cruise around Gdańsk

Take an enchanting cruise around Gdańsk during a dazzling sunset and discover a whole new face of sightseeing. Hop on board the galar boat and completely lose yourself in an amazing adventure, full of wonderful views and interesting stories told by our guide. In Gdańsk, the sun sets against the background of a port crane – one of the symbols of the city. It’s a magical sight you won’t see anywhere else. In addition, the beautiful rays of the setting sun reflects in the waters of Motława River, creating an orange-fiery glow and a unique atmosphere. Words can not describe it – you have to see it!

Cruise towards sunset | Gdańsk

An intimate, 12-seater replica of a historical boat “galar” will take you on a sunset cruise in Gdańsk. A small number of passengers means a lot of freedom and comfort for the participants of the journey, and the height of our vessel allows you to reach places to which taller ships cannot access. Each passenger is provided with a warm blanket at the entrance, so that they can wrap themselves in it while admiring the sunset on the Motława River. The whole experience is accompanied by beautiful and unique views of Gdańsk and sea stories told by our guide in two languages (English and Polish).

Our captain will take you on a sunset cruise around Gdańsk that you won’t forget for the rest of your life! Admire this wonderful city from the water’s perspective – a perspective from which you can see what is usually inaccessible to the human eye. You will learn about the rich history of Gdańsk, its monuments and see how it developed over the years. Observe the architecture of the buildings and Gdańsk’s harbor cranes while sailing aboard a replica of Polish riverboat galar. Vessels of this type were used mainly in the 18th century as one of the main means of wood transport. Sounds interesting? Become a passenger of this extraordinary boat and add a pinch of magic to your holiday memories!

Sunset boat cruise from the historical site

Start your sunset boat cruise from our marina located at the Gdańsk Shipyard, which in the past was a workplace for almost 18,000 people and remained closed to visitors for more than 170 years. There are few places with such an interesting history. The Gdańsk Shipyard was established after 1945, on the site of the former German dockyards. This is where NSZZ “Solidarność” – a trade union founded in 1980, which led to the fall of communism in Poland – originated. Today, the Gdańsk Shipyard is considered the cradle of Polish freedom, and in 2014 it received the European Heritage Label.

Admire the sunset in Gdansk aboard galar boat

Your adventure begins as soon as you board the boat. Sit back, wrap yourself in a blanket and listen to the fascinating stories told by our guide. Cruise the Motława River through the center of the Old Town. Learn a lot of interesting informations and see the greatest tourist’ attractions offered by Gdańsk: the grounds of the Teutonic Castle, the Long Embankment with the water gates leading to the city, the famous wooden Crane from the 15th century and charming old tenement houses in a contemporary environment. Continue your journey and admire the remaining monuments and the new buildings of Ołowianka Island and Granary Island. All this in the glow of the setting sun.

The galar sunset cruise is also a great opportunity to take a look at the port’s specialist boats and cranes, as well as to see the quay of the Port of Gdańsk up close. This is a real treat for shipbuilding enthusiasts, who can deepen their knowledge in this way. It is worth taking your other half on a cruise: sunset, Gdańsk, you two under a warm blanket. Isn’t it a super romantic date idea? Guarantee your significant other a trip that she or he will not forget for the rest of their life!

Finish your sunset cruise in Gdańsk at the same place where it started. If you don’t want to disembark near the shipyard, you can also ask the captain about the possibility of mooring a bit closer to the Old Town – in exchange for a sincere smile, he will certainly accept your proposal.

Relax, unwind and admire the beautiful sunset against the background of the Gdansk panorama, straight from a replica of the famous galar boat. Give yourself and your loved ones a unique experience – go on a climatic cruise on the Motława River, which you will certainly not forget.

ul. Dokowa 1, 80-863 Gdańsk.

There is a parking fee of PLN 3 per hour or PLN 12 per 24 hours throughout the entire Imperial Shipyard. The payment can be made directly at the parking meter or via the ePARK application

live guide, life jacket

What to take with you on a sunset cruise?

There are a few things to keep in mind before boarding the galar. First of all – dress appropriately for the weather. The cruise takes place on an open boat, so you can enjoy the sunset in all its glory and without any barriers. Unfortunately, this also means that everyone on the board is directly exposed to the atmospheric conditions. Warm and cozy blankets are provided, but in some cases it is worth taking a sweatshirt, jacket and even a hat with you.

It is allowed to consume drinks, food and snacks purchased at the Yard.Cafe located in the Galar Gdański Marina.

We accept pets (no extra charge). However, please note that the dogs must be muzzled on board. In case of damage caused by the animal, the owner/pet-sitter bears full responsibility.

Who can go on a sunset cruise aboard galar?

Due to the nature of the trip, start times and duration, the sunset cruise (Gdańsk) is designed for young people, adults, people with disabilities, as well as companies and organized groups.

Families with children are invited to day cruises around Gdańsk.

All questions can be directed to the following e-mail address: hello@galar.org.

Sunset in Gdańsk | View that you’ll never forget

Still wondering if a sunset cruise in Gdańsk is for you? The trip we offer is a unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking views from the waters of the Motława River. Gdańsk is a beautiful Polish city full of picturesque places – and you will have the chance to admire them in a romantic atmosphere. Our galar cruise is a great idea for a date with your significant other: watching the sun sink into the river, which at the same time paints beautiful colors in the sky is a breathtaking experience that your other half will never forget. On board we provide comfortable seats and warm blankets for you to snuggle up under while watching this romantic spectacle.

However, a cruise on the Motława River at sunset is not only an interesting date idea. After a day of sightseeing and exploring the city, it is good to relax – so why not on board the galar? Invite your family or friends to join the trip and rest together while admiring the amazing views. See the architecture of Gdańsk, which looks even more beautiful in the glow of the setting sun. Our experienced captain will take care of your safety at the river, and the guide will tell you some interesting stories about the city. Through the cruise we offer you an unforgettable experience and we guarantee that admiring the sunset from the galar’s deck will remain in your memory for a long time.

Gdańsk | Boat cruises that impress

A cruise on the Motława in the light of the setting sun is an unforgettable experience for everyone who wants to see the famous Gdańsk from a completely new perspective. Take a trip full of magnificent views on the iconic galar and take a break from the crowded streets, noise and bustle of the city. During the cruise, the boat will pass through the most beautiful places offered by Gdańsk – this is a great opportunity to take a picture against the background of the city panorama shrouded in orange light.

However, the sunset galar cruise will not only offer wonderful views. During the trip you will hear the fascinating history of Gdansk told by our guide. You will learn many interesting things about how the city has evolved over the centuries, its importance for maritime trade and what key events for Poland took place there. You will also have the opportunity to talk to the helmsmen, who will answer all your questions. The offered cruise is a great chance to learn something new about Gdańsk, while admiring the impressive cranes against the background of the setting sun.

Would you want to go on a boat cruise around the city with your children? We recommend the daily galar cruise around Gdańsk. If you are interested in visiting the Gdańsk Shipyard, you will also find this option in our offer.

Do not hesitate, book your place on our cruises today and make your visit in Gdansk unforgettable!

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Loved it! Enjoyed the small group and the guide.
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Something you really need to experience. The best tour in Gdansk, almost private and takes you to the places that no other tours go. The guide has so much knowledge and you hear really interesting things. He really does this with passion. The part with the shipyard is crazy interesting and sunset on the water is really amazing and unique experience. Dogs are allowed, we had a dog with us and it was no problem at all. Really really good. And again thank you!!!
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Great guide! So fun!
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A really great activity! Totally unique experience and a truly excellent way to see the city from a completely different perspective, low down on the water with nothing but the sound of the water lapping alongside. A very peaceful and relaxing tour taking in all the highlights of the city, the historic dockyards at sunset, the stunning old town and even up the river and out into the tranquility of the upper river, complete with ancient ramparts. Our guide was excellent and knowledgable - providing just the right amount of information as we went along! Superb. Couldn’t recommend it enough! Thank you
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GALAR GDAŃSKI FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization established in January 2018 as a way of professional activation of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion and an idea to promote the city of Gdańsk (its history and culture). The Foundation employs people with disabilities and the long-term unemployed.

The Foundation is created by people full of enthusiasm and development plans for the future. In 2018, the foundation managed to implement a service in the form of cruises on historic boats (lighter) around two islands: Granary Island and Ołowianki Island.

It is planned, inter alia, to restore the inhabitants of the pedestrian and bicycle ferry as a connection between the Nowy Port district and the Wisłoujście Fortress.

Historical Polish boats, including the lighter, are a cultural heritage of Poland that should be cared for. Therefore, as
an expression of care for the material and spiritual achievements of generations, the ferry for the crossing will be a lighter, but in a greater
As part of the Foundation’s development, we will want to organize internships for people from social exclusion and those outgoing
from orphanages. While designing the classes, the pupils will learn the knowledge of shipbuilding and boatbuilding crafts.
In the longer term, we are thinking about creating a living boatbuilding museum, in which replicas of historical buildings will be built in front of visitors.
Łódź Province.
As part of the membrane activity, a number of social projects, including: educational cruises with jelly beans for
children and young people, artistic open-air workshops for talented youth, cleaning rivers and green areas or family picnics.
The boat you have to sail on is a replica of the ancient lighter boat (steered in the 18th century), drawing attention to the water of the Motława under slightly different conditions. The galar is a type of an old Polish river vessel used for one-time use
transport of goods (including salt, lime, zinc, soap, grain) down the river. People flowed to Gdańsk from the upper Vistula and the San.
The then galleys were 18 m long and 8 m wide. They could carry 25 tons of goods.

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