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Brama Świetojańska, Długie Pobrzeże, Motława, Gdańsk
St. John’s Gate 1916

St. John’s Gate and Market Stall Gate

St. John’s Gate (Brama Świętojańska) Another of Gdansk’s water gate of primary defensive and economic importance. It was built in the middle of the fifteenth century, but quite quickly lost its military value as early as in the sixteenth century. It served for some time as a warehouse, in the end it was rebuilt into a tenement house. As a result of the war, it was completely destroyed and only a brick passage survived. It was rebuilt in the 1970s in its present shape, giving the building a look familiar in nineteenth century illustrations. Today, the seat of the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians is located here.

Brama Świętojańska, Długie Pobrzeże, Motława
St. John’s Gate 1946
St. John’s Gate and Market Stall Gate
Market Stall Gate 1930

Market Stall Gate (Brama Straganiarska) The last preserved northward water gate of the City. Like Chlebnicka and Mariacka gates, it is built in the style of Gothic architecture with Flemish influences. However, in contrast to those gates, its body is additionally equipped with a side wing. The depth of this wing was adapted to the development of the eastern frontage and the vicinity of the Fish Market. Brama Straganiarska is also characterized by an asymmetric location of the passage. On the very route from the Motława side there are three coats of arms already known on St Mary’s Gate – the Commonwealth, Royal Prussia and Gdansk. The gate has been rebuilt many times, and the shape and number of turrets have changed. As a result of military operations, similarly to other gates, this one was also significantly damaged. It was rebuilt in the 1950s.An interesting thing about the Straganiarska gate is that in the late 1950s Zbigniew Cybulski resided in it. As instructed by experts, a bad date was given to inform about this fact in 1963 on the board on the wall; the actor lived here in the years 1959-1960.

Brama Świętojańska, Długie Pobrzeże, Motława
St. John’s Gate 1935

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