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Night cruise around Shipyard

Take part in a unique attraction and discover Gdansk by night! A boat trip under the starry sky is a unique opportunity to see the shipyard area and the Port of Gdansk illuminated by thousands of lights. During the cruise, you will witness the work being done at the shipyards and listen to interesting facts about the history of this place. The night cruise takes place on a 12-seat replica of the historic galar boat – the only such specimen in all of Gdańsk! There is nothing more beautiful than admiring the city at night from the deck of a unique vessel. It is an unforgettable experience that cannot be described in words. Book your ticket for the Galar night cruise around the Shipyard and experience this unforgettable adventure today!

See Gdansk by night from the galar’s deck

A night cruise on the galar boat is not only an opportunity to admire the picturesque landscapes of Gdansk, but also a unique chance to learn about the shipbuilding industry of the city. During the trip you will have the possibility to take a closer look at it from the water level. The cruise takes place under the cover of night, guaranteeing amazing views which are impossible to see during the day. The whole experience is accompanied by stories from our guide, who will share interesting facts about both the city and the famous Gdansk Shipyard throughout the tour. Gdansk is even more beautiful at night than during the day – hop aboard the galar boat with us and find out how much charm it holds.

Set off on a night cruise from the Gdansk Shipyard

Start your night tour from the Galar Marina, which is located right next to the Gdansk Shipyard. This historic place used to be a workplace for several thousand people and was closed to tourists for over 170 years. The Gdańsk Shipyard was opened on the side of the former German dockyards after 1945. It was here that NSZZ “Solidarność” operated – a trade union that led to the fall of communism in the Polish country. Currently, the Gdańsk Shipyard is not only a place of building and repairing ships, but also a symbol of the fight for freedom, democracy and workers’ rights in Poland. All this is due to the events that took place there in the 1970s and 1980s – our guide will tell you more about it during the cruise.

Night cruise on the Motlawa River | The route

Embark on a cruise on the Motlawa River and see Gdansk by night like you’ve never seen it before! Sail around Ostrow Island, which is home to the Gdansk Shipyard and the Gdansk Shiprepair Yard, the fifth largest facility of its kind in the world.

Why is it worth it? A night cruise around the Gdansk Shipyard is a unique opportunity to see its work from the inside in exceptionally charming circumstances. During the tour you will observe specialist ships, port cranes that are a symbol of the city and the quays of the Port of Gdansk. A night cruise on the galar boat is also an excellent opportunity to get an up-close look at the work of shipyard workers, who work extremely hard building new vessels. If you decide to take part in the trip, you must know that you are in for an unforgettable experience – floating on the waters of the Motława River, you will see historic houses, churches and cathedrals, which, illuminated at night, look extremely picturesque.

The night cruise on the Motlawa River ends in the same place where it began – near the Gdansk Shipyard.

ul. Dokowa 1, 80-863 Gdańsk.

There is a parking fee of PLN 3 per hour or PLN 12 per 24 hours throughout the entire Imperial Shipyard. The payment can be made directly at the parking meter or via the ePARK application

blanket, audio guide, life jacket

Night cruise around Shipyard | What to bring?

Above all, a good mood – nothing else is needed. It is good to dress appropriately for the weather – the boat is open, which guarantees amazing views of the city skyline. Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather and Gdansk can be chilly at night – to avoid discomfort during the trip, we recommend bringing a warm sweatshirt or jacket.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks on board of the galar. We particularly recommend taking a bottle of water with you.

We accept pets (at no extra charge). In the case of dogs, for the safety of the other passengers, it must be muzzled for the duration of the cruise. In the event of damage caused by the animal, full responsibility rests with its owner/pet-sitter.

Who can take part in the night cruise on the Motława River?

The galar’s night cruise around the Shipyard is an offer for adults, youth, people with disabilities, companies and organized groups who want to discover Gdansk from a completely new perspective. Due to the nature of this particular boat trip, starting times and duration, the cruise is designed for adults and young people. Families with small children are welcome to take advantage of other proposals in our offer:

If you have any additional questions, please contact us: hello@galar.org.

Things to do in Gdansk at night: a night cruise

Gdańsk is a city rich in history, culture and monuments, which offers its visitors numerous attractions both during the day and at night. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting ways to spend an evening here is a cruise on the Motława River, which allows you to admire the beautiful panoramas of Neptune’s City after dark, when the buildings become illuminated and the lanterns light up the streets.

During the cruise, you can hear fascinating stories about the history of Gdansk from our guide, and admire the city’s iconic sites under the cover of night. Above all, we are talking about the Gdansk Shipyard, which in the past was a zone of key events for the Polish nation. The night cruise on the Motlawa River takes place on a replica of the Polish riverboat galar. The period of greatest exploitation of boats of this type was in the 18th century, but even today they delight with their unique charm.

Night cruise around Gdansk

We invite you to a unique night cruise on the galar boat around the Gdańsk Shipyard, during which you will be able to see the City of Neptune’s surrounded by stars and get an up-close look at the work of shipyard workers. A night cruise is the perfect way to end your day in Gdansk. Our night attraction includes stunning views of bridges, towers and fortifications, illuminated against a dark sky. During the cruise, you will see the famous port crane, majestic ships and picturesque landscapes along the Motlawa River.

Our team of tour guides will make sure that everyone on the cruise learns the history and secrets of these extraordinary place. We will also have a surprise for you – a warm blanket to make this special time spent on board even more enjoyable.

If you want to see Gdańsk at night and feel its magical atmosphere, we invite you to our galar’s night cruises around the Gdańsk shipyard. It is an unforgettable experience that you will certainly not regret. Book your seat today and discover Gdansk as you have never known it before!

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We really enjoyed the boat trip, it is different Ana a way better than the tours you can take from the old town. Is very informative, certainly recommend it
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Galar cruise - personal, cosy, clear and friendly guide. Walk to boarding spot just outside historical center, see shipyard, center, and the waters surrounding the city on the historical 12 person Galar vessel. 60 minutes. Very much enjoyed this, and recommend!
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A brilliant little tour. Seeing the shipyards with the setting sun was fabulous. Departure point is easy to find and only a 15 min walk along ther river esplanade onto the vacant block (look for the red kayaks)
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Very happy with this tour! Guide was friendly and he explained very well the surrounding area, speaks good English which made it easy to hear. Also, I was given a can of watter and there are blankets in case you get cold. It may get cold out there so get dressed well!
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The experience was excellent. The time spent really lasts the time mentioned in the offer. The guide was very friendly and explained the whole history of the places we passed. The boat is super safe and had blankets in case we felt cold during the tour.

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