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We offer non-standard cruise routes in Gdańsk

as well as cruises on strictly shipyard waters inaccessible to other vessels

A cruise on a replica of the historic Galar boat allows you to look at Gdańsk from a completely different perspective. Intimate (up to 12 people), natural (built of 150-year-old spruce trees), spacious, open boat allows you to feel at ease during the cruise, and a small group of passengers allows direct contact with skippers and talks.
We invite everyone on board our boats, including parents with children, disabled people, cyclists (we can take up to 4 bicycles on board our boats, depending on the space available), as well as animal lovers (we accept animals on board).
Boats are equipped with all necessary safety measures and belaying equipment – including vests in various sizes.

Cruise around Gdańsk

Take an interesting and relaxing cruise around Gdansk on board an intimate, spacious 12-person replica of a historic Polish Galar boat. Thanks to the small number of passengers, you will feel at ease and special. Discover Gdańsk from the perspective of the water – from a perspective from which you can see much more and thanks to our boat you will reach places inaccessible to larger vessels. Learn about the rich history of Gdańsk, monuments and see how the city looks today

Take part in an incredibly interesting, full of information and unique sights cruise on the Gdansk shipyards. The Galar cruise is the only possibility to experience such an attraction in Gdańsk. An intimate, spacious, 12-person replica of the historic Polish Galar boat, will take you on a unique cruise, during which you will discover the shipbuilding industry from the inside. You will sail a route inaccessible to other vessels, learn about the history of Gdańsk shipyards and see how the Gdańsk Shipyards and Repair Shipyard look today.

Take part in a charming cruise around Gdansk during a dazzling sunset. In Gdańsk, the sun is setting against the background of the port cranes which are the symbol of the city. Beautiful, orange sun and its rays reflecting in the water – this cannot be described in words, it must be seen in Gdańsk!

Take part in the one of best attraction in Gdańsk – a night cruise around the Shipyard! This is the only and unique opportunity to see the shipyards and the Port of Gdansk illuminated by thousands of lights, and to witness work taking place in shipyards under the cover of night. A cruise full of interesting information in an intimate, spacious 12-person replica of the historic Galar boat. This cruise is the only such attraction in Gdańsk and must be seen.

Rent an intimate, spacious, 12-person replica of a historic Polish Galar boat and take your friends, family, employees … on a unique cruise along the route of your choice. You will feel at ease and special on our boat.

  • One hour 700 PLN
  • One and a half hours 850 PLN
  • Two hours 1100 PLN
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