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Cruise offer

We offer non-standard cruise routes in Gdańsk

as well as cruises on strictly shipyard waters inaccessible to other vessels

A cruise on a replica of the historic Galar boat allows you to look at Gdańsk from a completely different perspective. Intimate (up to 12 people), natural (built of 150-year-old spruce trees), spacious, open boat allows you to feel at ease during the cruise, and a small group of passengers allows direct contact with skippers and talks.
We invite everyone on board our boats, including parents with children, disabled people, cyclists (we can take up to 4 bicycles on board our boats, depending on the space available), as well as animal lovers (we accept animals on board).
Boats are equipped with all necessary safety measures and belaying equipment – including vests in various sizes.

Cruise around Gdańsk

Take part in one of the best attractions of Gdańsk – a galar cruise on the Motława River. This kind of entertainment is dedicated to all those who want to create unique memories during their visit to Poland. Cruise takes place on a replica of an iconic Polish riverboat, which accommodates 12 passengers on board – we guarantee no hustle and bustle, full freedom and comfort during the trip. From the deck of our galar you’ll see Gdańsk in a completely new perspective, learn about its history and see the most famous monuments in the city. So what are you waiting for? Hop on board!

Are you wondering how the Gdańsk shipbuilding industry works from the inside? Perhaps you have a passion for history? Or simply want to spend some quality time with your loved ones? Regardless of your answer, we have an interesting proposition for you – a cruise around the Gdańsk Shipyard. This is the only attraction of this kind offered in the whole city! Take a seat on a replica of a historic riverboat and admire Gdańsk from the level of Motława River. See first-hand how things work at the shipyard and sail a route that is inaccessible to larger ships – only with us!

Hop aboard a replica of a historic galar boat and embark on an enchanting cruise along the Motława River. Sail along the city in the evening and admire Gdańsk in the glow of setting sun as it spills over the picturesque streets, historic tenement houses and port cranes. Take your family, friends or significant other with you, and together lose yourselves in the magical atmosphere while watching the sky show. An unforgettable experience and magnificent views are guaranteed.

When it comes to attractions in Gdańsk, a night cruise around the Shipyard is definitely one of the most interesting options offered by this wonderful city. Become one of the 12 passengers on the replica of the historical Galar boat and, under the cover of night, set off on a trip that you will not forget for the rest of your life! Sail along the Motława River along the City of Neptune, see how work is done at the shipyard and listen to interesting facts about it. Our offer is unique – you won’t find another one like it in Gdańsk!

Rent an intimate, spacious, 12-person replica of a historic Polish Galar boat and take your friends, family, employees … on a unique cruise along the route of your choice. You will feel at ease and special on our boat.

  • One hour 700 PLN
  • One and a half hours 850 PLN
  • Two hours 1100 PLN
  • Three hours and more individually
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