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Boat rental for special events | Gdansk

Booking a private venue? Outdoor barbecue? Bowling? Or maybe dinner at a prestigious restaurant? After all, it’s all been done before! Gdansk is a city that has so much more to offer than the entertainment you can enjoy in any other part of Poland. Its greatest asset is the water – the Motlawa River, which surrounds Neptune’s City, is the perfect place for cruises and amateur sailing. So why not take this into account and take your loved ones on an unforgettable trip on a rented galar?

Renting a galar boat for special events in Gdansk is a perfect recipe for an unforgettable meeting with family, friends or colleagues. A fascinating cruise on a replica of a historic vessel can certainly be counted among the attractions that will remain in the memory of event participants for a long time. Our boat rental offer is open to everyone – both those looking for interesting alternatives for special events, as well as those who dream of a moment of rest on the calm waters of the Motława River.

Unforgettable events in Gdansk? Only on galars

When it comes to events, Gdansk is known for its fun character. The city is alive both day and night, making it the perfect place to throw a party: from birthdays and anniversaries to stag and hen parties. The charm of Neptune’s City attracts fun-loving souls who are looking for a place where they can take a break from everyday life and spend quality time with family, friends and sometimes even their co-workers.

All those who are in Gdansk with the intention of organizing an unforgettable special event are invited to the Galar Marina at 1 Dokowa Street. It is here that you can hire a replica of a vintage boat together with a helmsman who, on special request, will take you on a private cruise along unique routes to which larger vessels are not allowed. The galar’s deck is able to accommodate 12 passengers. So what are you waiting for? Gather your loved ones and hop on board!

Special events | Gdansk from a historical boat

Make every occasion special on a private cruise on the waters of the Motlawa River. Business integration? A romantic date? Or maybe a meeting with friends? Any excuse is good to see Gdansk from the water in a whole new way – in the morning, in the glow of the setting sun, and even at night. You make the rules here! Gather a group of friends, choose a day, time and book a galar that will take you on an unforgettable cruise along the Motlawa River. Boat rental is a great idea for special events in Gdansk, such as:

  • birthdays
  • engagements
  • hen parties
  • bachelor parties

In addition, galar will be perfect for spontaneous trips with friends, family trips, as well as dates or anniversary celebrations. A private cruise is also an interesting gift idea for a loved one. Do not hesitate any longer – rent a galar today!

Private cruise in Gdansk | Boat rental

If you dream of a private cruise on the Motlawa River at an affordable price, be sure to check out our offer. There you will find many interesting proposals for unique events in Gdansk on board a replica of the famous Polish river boat galar. We offer:

  • private (individual) cruises towards a selected tourist attractions of Gdansk (we will be happy to suggest a few of them),
  • standard cruises (including the sunset cruise and around the Gdansk Shipyard),

Our offer for a private cruise also includes a guide who will be happy to introduce you and your companions to the vast, yet extremely interesting history of Gdansk. The choice of what you learn is entirely up to you – our storyteller will certainly listen to all suggestions. The helmsman, in turn, will take you where you want to go. The Gdansk shipyard? The former Teutonic Castle grounds? No problem! If you find it difficult to decide on the destination of your cruise, we will help you with your choice.

Gdansk | Boat parties

During an unforgettable, individual cruise on a historic galar, we not only provide the ideal conditions for fun, but also for quiet conversations. This way, you can organize all kinds of special events on the boat you rent from us – from the crazy ones, like stag parties, to the more subdued ones, such as anniversaries. Whatever the occasion is, we guarantee a good time and, above all, safety – our crew will make sure that no one gets hurt.

Regardless of the type of event, renting a galar for a special event is a hit! Having fun on the water is a great option for anyone who wants to surprise their guests and turn every, even the smallest occasion into something special. A party on a boat is an unforgettable experience, provided with a great atmosphere and amazing views – those who love the Old Town of Gdansk will also fall in love with our galar!

ul. Dokowa 1, 80-863 Gdańsk.

There is a parking fee of PLN 3 per hour or PLN 12 per 24 hours throughout the entire Imperial Shipyard. The payment can be made directly at the parking meter or via the ePARK application

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The trip gave us an opportunity to see the city from a completely different perspective. The guide was very nice and friendly, he knew a lot and presented many interesting facts about the city. We did the trip in October and it was a little bit windy but the guides were prepared and had blankets for everyone. We highly recommend it!
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Nice, calm tour. Good with English and very knowledgeable of the area. Enjoyed it. Small kids might get a little bored but adults will appreciate it...
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The trip was great, it fully met our expectations. Great guide, friendly atmosphere, we learned a lot about the city and its history. The boat is comfortable and original. A brilliant adventure.
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Great guide, he tells everything very well. A revelation cruise, a must-see in Gdańsk!
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A great trip. Viewing Gdańsk from this perspective is a unique attraction. In good weather, this type of boat is probably the best choice. Our guide, Mr. Piotr, created a nice atmosphere and introduced us to the history of beautiful Gdańsk. Sightseeing "from the water" is a necessary complement to getting to know the city.

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