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Boat rental for photoshoot | Gdańsk

Are you looking for an unusual place for your dream photoshoot in Gdańsk? Perhaps you want to give a unique gift to a loved one or are considering alternative options on how to commemorate your stay in Neptune’s City? Whatever the case may be, renting a boat for a photo session is a great idea for those who appreciate original solutions.

Aboard you will not only experience a great water adventure, but you will also see beautiful views that will become a unique background for your photographs. Whether your goal is to take a few photos for your family album or to have a professional photoshoot with a photographer on the waters of Gdańsk – all your ideas will be easily realized on board our galar boat.

Original idea for a photoshoot

Photoshoot on the beach? Maybe in the Old Town of Gdańsk? Although both of them can be delightful, they are nothing special. Most people who had the opportunity to vacation in the famous Neptune’s City probably have in their albums identical shots with the fountain or against the background of the town hall. You don’t have to be like the others! Rent our galar for a photo session and provide an extraordinary backdrop for your original photos. A historic boat combined with romantic landscapes (be sure to check our sunset cruise) is an uncommon idea for occasional, family, engagement and even wedding photoshoots. 

A photoshoot (Gdańsk) on a boat can also be a great gift idea for someone close to you. Give your parents, grandparents, friends or other half a surprise that will stay in their memory for a long time. You don’t have to wait for a specific date or a special occasion – surprise your loved one today and turn an ordinary day  into an unforgettable adventure! Our boat rental offer is distinguished by its flexibility – we will take you wherever you wish. What’s more, due to the small size of our galars, we are able to sail routes inaccessible to larger ships.

Photo session in Gdańsk | Why should you rent a galar?

Renting a boat for a photoshoot has dual benefits. Firstly, during the cruise you will take beautiful and original photos. Secondly – you will take advantage of the charms of the surrounding landscapes and learn a piece of Gdańsk history. A photo session on a galar boat can also be a great gift idea for a loved one. It is worth betting on it as a birthday or anniversary gift, as well as without a specific occasion. Our Gdańsk cruises start in the very center of the city. We make it possible to adjust the travel route to the individual preferences of the renters. 

Our crew will make every effort to ensure that all passengers feel comfortable during the cruise. Over many years on the waters of Motława River, we have gained a lot of experience, so we can guarantee full safety on the journey. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply want to enjoy the beautiful views and create unforgettable memories, our offer will meet your expectations. Contact us today and book a galar to experience the magic of Gdańsk aboard a replica of the famous historic Polish riverboat.

Gdańsk galar | Boat that will take you back in time

Do you want to capture your memories in the magical atmosphere of historic Gdańsk? If so, be sure to take advantage of our offer to rent a galar – a true gem of maritime traditions!

Our galars are accurate replicas of historic riverboats, which used to be one of the most important means of transport for goods in Poland. Today, they are a great attraction for both residents of Gdańsk and tourists, who spend their vacations in the charming Neptune’s City. Thanks to our offer, everyone can rent a galar and go on a cruise of their choice along the Motława River, while admiring the city’s amazing landscapes and historical monuments, which can become the backdrop of your photos. Whether you want to capture a romantic meeting with your loved one, organize a family session or create an extraordinary fashion editorial, our boat will perfectly fulfill its role.

When you rent a galar, you not only get access to a unique space perfect for photos, but also benefit from the extensive knowledge of our experienced crew members. They will be happy to share historical tidbits about Gdańsk and the city’s sailing traditions to make your trip rich in both: beautiful sights and fascinating facts. So don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your stay in Neptune’s City with a unique adventure on the Motława River. Take advantage of our boat rental offer and create unforgettable  memories for yourself and your loved ones!

Photoshoot on a boat | Make use of beautiful views offered by Gdańsk

The uniqueness of photo sessions on the galars lies in the fact that it is still not a very popular option. Thanks to this, when renting a boat, you can be sure that the photos taken on it will stand out from hundreds of others. Your album will become full of unique and original shots that will delight both you and everyone who will have the opportunity to admire these unique frames.

There is room for 12 people on board the galar. Therefore, it is ideal for group sessions. You can invite your loved ones, friends or even co-workers to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the cruise together and capture these moments in unconventional  photographs. Renting our boat in Gdańsk is a guarantee of an intimate atmosphere that promotes relaxed and natural posing. Being surrounded only by familiar people, the model will feel comfortable, which will also affect the authenticity of the shots. In addition, our offer enables individual selection of the cruise route. So you can customize it to your liking, choosing the most picturesque and interesting places that will look beautiful in photos.

Renting a boat for photoshoots is not only a great opportunity to create beautiful photographs, but also unforgettable memories. Intimate atmosphere, picturesque landscapes of Gdansk and freedom in choosing the route of the trip – these are just some of the advantages resulting from using our offer. We encourage you to contact us now to book a convenient date and set sail on the Motlawa River aboard our famous boat.

Photoshoots Gdańsk? Only on galar.

ul. Dokowa 1, 80-863 Gdańsk.

There is a parking fee of PLN 3 per hour or PLN 12 per 24 hours throughout the entire Imperial Shipyard. The payment can be made directly at the parking meter or via the ePARK application

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The trip gave us an opportunity to see the city from a completely different perspective. The guide was very nice and friendly, he knew a lot and presented many interesting facts about the city. We did the trip in October and it was a little bit windy but the guides were prepared and had blankets for everyone. We highly recommend it!
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Nice, calm tour. Good with English and very knowledgeable of the area. Enjoyed it. Small kids might get a little bored but adults will appreciate it...
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The trip was great, it fully met our expectations. Great guide, friendly atmosphere, we learned a lot about the city and its history. The boat is comfortable and original. A brilliant adventure.
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Great guide, he tells everything very well. A revelation cruise, a must-see in Gdańsk!
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A great trip. Viewing Gdańsk from this perspective is a unique attraction. In good weather, this type of boat is probably the best choice. Our guide, Mr. Piotr, created a nice atmosphere and introduced us to the history of beautiful Gdańsk. Sightseeing "from the water" is a necessary complement to getting to know the city.

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