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Boat rental for a bachelor party | Gdansk

Are you planning a special bachelor party for your best friend? Maybe you are looking for an idea that will turn out to be a hit among all participants? If so, we have the perfect proposition for you – renting a twelve-seater boat from our offer, on which you will create the best memories during the entire event! So hop aboard the historic galar boat and experience a unique adventure together, full of masculine energy and amazing views of Gdansk, which will be reflected in the waters of the picturesque Motlawa River throughout the entire cruise.

Gdansk, also known as Neptune’s City, is a place full of charm and interesting history, and thanks to our offer, it can become a unique background for your friend’s bachelor party. Imagine the following scenario: a close-knit pack of friends headed by the groom-to-be, with only the sound of water and amazing views all around – doesn’t that sound like a promise of a good time in a male group? We can tailor the whole trip to your ideas – whether you dream of a bit of nighttime craziness aboard a historic boat or prefer to take a calm sunset cruise, we can meet your expectations.

Gdansk | Bachelor party on boat you won’t forget

Wondering if renting a boat for a bachelor party is a good way to surprise the groom-to-be? In our opinion, definitely yes! A cruise on a replica of a historic galar is an attraction that will make this special event more enjoyable and unforgettable. A large role is played here by unusual circumstances – beautiful views of the city and captivating stories about the history of Gdansk, which our guide will be happy to share with you. What’s more, there is always an intimate atmosphere on board the galar, guaranteeing freedom and ideal conditions for fun.

We assure you that a private galar cruise is more than just a standard tour around the city. It is a promise of a fascinating adventure, full of picturesque views and a feeling of excitement that cannot be experienced on land. On board, you won’t have to worry about a thing – our experienced helmsman will guide the boat along a predetermined route, while ensuring the safety of all passengers. So what are you waiting for? Rent a galar from our marina and have an unforgettable bachelor party for your friend. Gdansk is waiting for you!

Bachelor parties in Gdansk

Are you looking for the perfect place for a bachelor party that will be remembered forever? Gdansk, as a magical city beside the Baltic Sea, is the answer to your dreams! It offers not only beautiful views and picturesque alleys, but also plenty of attractions and entertainment, guaranteeing unforgettable fun for the future groom and his friends.

Neptune’s City is a place where tradition intertwines with modernity, and any party – including bachelor parties – gets a whole new dimension here. The positive vibes of Gdansk encourage you to celebrate, and the vast number of venues, including atmospheric pubs, exclusive clubs or iconic bars, gives you a whole range of options for spending the evening. However, before you visit any of these places, be sure to drop by the Galar Marina and take your pack on a private cruise on the Motlawa River.

An evening boat trip is the perfect idea to celebrate your groom-to-be’s upcoming wedding. The atmosphere of the city and the company of best friends guarantee fun at the highest level! So what are you waiting for? Plan your unforgettable bachelor adventure today and get ready for a new life chapter in Gdansk style!

Unusual bachelor party in Gdansk

Want to organize a bachelor party on one of our boats? If so, then there is a whole range of possibilities in front of you! You can decide on one of the standard routes offered by the Galar Gdański (e.g. on a Galar cruise around Gdansk), or individually determine the destination (e.g. go to the Wisloujscie Fortress, or the Bird Paradise [Ptasi Raj] Reserve). No matter what you decide, the groom-to-be is sure to be pleased. Cruising on a replica of a historic boat is an interesting experience in itself, and when accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Gdansk, the effect is truly delightful.

Renting a galar for a bachelor party (in the city of Gdansk) is a great choice if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a quiet time with friends. However, this special night can also be full of other attractions – all of our cruises start and end at the Imperial Shipyard, which is right next to the Main City. So after the water excursion, you can easily go to a bar, club or restaurant, and continue the lavish celebration of the upcoming wedding there. Don’t wait! Check the available dates, rent a historic galar and surprise the future groom with an unusual attraction at his bachelor party.

Bachelor party on the wave of fun

A galar cruise on the occasion of a bachelor party is a guarantee of great fun in a nice atmosphere. Since there will be no other people on board except the party participants, the helmsman and the storyteller, you can be sure that no one will interrupt your conversations or disturb the celebration. As a result, you will joke and reminisce about the most interesting stories from the groom’s life, without fear that someone undesirable will hear them. A private cruise on the Motlawa River is also a great opportunity to take souvenir photos, for example, against the backdrop of the impressive Gdansk cranes – these are sure to make a sensation on social media. 

Positive impressions, unique atmosphere and unforgettable experiences – all this awaits you during a private galar cruise on the Motlawa River. However, in our offer you will find not only the option of renting a boat for a bachelor party (Gdansk), but also for team building events, dates, photo shoots and many other occasions. If you are interested, please contact us and book your dates – one galar cruise is enough to create memories for a lifetime.

ul. Dokowa 1, 80-863 Gdańsk.

There is a parking fee of PLN 3 per hour or PLN 12 per 24 hours throughout the entire Imperial Shipyard. The payment can be made directly at the parking meter or via the ePARK application

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The trip gave us an opportunity to see the city from a completely different perspective. The guide was very nice and friendly, he knew a lot and presented many interesting facts about the city. We did the trip in October and it was a little bit windy but the guides were prepared and had blankets for everyone. We highly recommend it!
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Nice, calm tour. Good with English and very knowledgeable of the area. Enjoyed it. Small kids might get a little bored but adults will appreciate it...
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The trip was great, it fully met our expectations. Great guide, friendly atmosphere, we learned a lot about the city and its history. The boat is comfortable and original. A brilliant adventure.
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Great guide, he tells everything very well. A revelation cruise, a must-see in Gdańsk!
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A great trip. Viewing Gdańsk from this perspective is a unique attraction. In good weather, this type of boat is probably the best choice. Our guide, Mr. Piotr, created a nice atmosphere and introduced us to the history of beautiful Gdańsk. Sightseeing "from the water" is a necessary complement to getting to know the city.

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